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Upcoming Webinars

The Ups and Downs of Fall Prevention

March 13th, 2018 @ 8:00pm - 9:15pm US/Eastern

Michelle H. Cameron, MD, PT, MCR
Stephanie Nolan, OTR/L

Please join neurologist and physical therapist, Michelle H. Cameron, MD, PT, MCR, and occupational therapist, Stephanie Nolan, OTR/L, as they review fall prevention strategies for people living with MS. This presentation will summarize the research on how many people with MS fall and the many possible causes, before turning to options for preventing falls, covering topics that include environmental modifications, adaptive equipment, safety techniques and exercises. Learn about all things you CAN DO to help prevent falls, so you can stay active and safe.

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Cognitive Challenges and MS: What You Need to Know

April 10th, 2018 @ 8:00pm - 9:15pm US/Eastern

Darla Freeman M.A., CCC/SLP
Juliann Hanson-Zlatev OTR

This webinar is about understanding Cognition in MS.  Cognition means different things to people and is often confusing.  Is memory affected?  Do our personalities change?  What is happening when we feel disorganized or overwhelmed?   We will be discussing what cognition is and how and why it can affect our daily lives.  

Please join us as we offer useful tips to deal with cognitive challenges along with common scenarios that many people face everyday. Cognitive challenges are common and can be overcome!

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