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    Outstanding webinar! Dr. Shapiro’s lecture was the most informative one hour in the subsequent 19 years. The stuff Can Do MS is putting up is cutting edge communication use of the Internet. I went to the CAN DO Program 19 years ago. It was the most rewarding 5 days of my 25 years with MS. There I learned to accept the disease I had. Thank you to all involved.

    Anonymous, Webinar & CAN DO Program Participant

    by Dr. David Engstrom, ABPP, FACP, Can Do MS Programs Consultant

    Take two minutes to complete the quiz.

    Ratings: (1) Always  (2) Usually  (3) Sometimes  (4) Never

    1) I have trouble following through with my plans because other things seem to get in the way.

    Your Answer ________

    2) I can only stay motivated if other people pressure me do it.

    Your Answer _______

    3) I feel like a failure every time I don’t follow through with my plans.

    Your Answer _______

    4) I keep putting off the things I need to do to stay healthy.

    Your Answer _______
    5) I like to achieve my goals because I just enjoy the accomplishment.

    Your Answer _______

    Score Your Motivation Personality

    ADD #1, #2, #4, and #5   SUBTRACT #3***

    ***NOTE: The scoring has been corrected since this quiz was published in the August 2008 Heuga Central newsletter.  

    YOUR MOTIVATION PERSONALITY = _________ (Range 0 – 15)

    12-15  ___ Very self-motivated
    8-11  ___ Probably need help with motivation
    0-7 ___ Definitely need help with motivation



    The range of scores of people taking this test is between 0 and 15. The higher your score, the more self-motivated you are. Building your confidence requires self-motivation. You can't be motivated by outside influences... you can only motivate yourself. If your total score is between 11 and 8, you probably need help in developing more internal motivation. If your total score is less than 7, you definitely need motivational coaching.

    Motivation doesn't just happen. You can't just sit around, waiting for inspiration. It won't happen! Many studies have shown that your behavior has to change... in very small amounts, before your attitudes change. Dr. Albert Bandura, a well-known psychologist at Stanford University defined the attitude of "Self-efficacy", in which you have a sense of control over your own actions. Self-efficacy helps you to better deal with troublesome situations. Once you have a strong sense of self-efficacy, you can make many of the changes you desire with ease.

    Motivation Quiz Created By
    Dr. David Engstrom, ABPP, FACP
    Can Do MS Programs Consultant

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