"Together, my dad's legacy continues."

- Blaze Heuga

Can Do MS is committed to dramatically growing our impact, enabling families with MS to thrive, by delivering more programs to more people in more places across the country each year through scholarships.

Your gift to The Jimmie Heuga Scholarship Fund will enable 32,000 people with MS each year to attend Can Do MS programs free of cost.

Jimmie pioneered a philosophy that through exercise and nutrition, those with MS would lead healthier lives. Your support will ensure that each and every person with MS experiences our life-changing programs, regardless of financial ability. A generous founding gift of $50,000 has been made and matched; our goal is to raise an additional $200,000 in scholarship support by December 31, 2017.

Can Do MS will grow our impact with this singular purpose: Enable each and every person with MS to experience our life-changing programs, regardless of financial ability.

Thanks to you, more people are receiving scholarships.


Regardless of financial ability, all Can Do MS participants receive programs free-of-charge. The support to pay for our programs and participation is provided by donors and partners in the form of scholarships. Today, Can Do MS transforms the lives of 30,000 people with MS and their families each year, providing 100% scholarship support to every participant.