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    We accepted and acknowledged that MS is not only her disease. MS is ‘our’ disease that challenges both of us every day.

    Support Partner

    Shelli and Alice

    CAN DO & JUMPSTART Program Participants / Volunteers

    WE WILL live our best lives with MS.

    When Alice and Shelli went to the Can Do MS's one-day JUMPSTART Program, Alice thought she wasn’t a candidate for Can Do MS's five-day (now four-day) CAN DO Program.

    “I had MS for three years before I went to a Can Do MS program,” said Alice, living with MS. “I didn’t have terrible symptoms. I was just tired. I questioned whether I needed to attend the CAN DO Program if I’m living a normal life.”

    It wasn’t until Alice and Shelli received a scholarship to attend the CAN DO Program in 2008 where they realized Can Do MS’s programs are suited for anyone who wants to learn how to adjust their mindset and lifestyle to enjoy life with MS.

    “You don’t have to be in a wheelchair or use a cane to be ready for a Can Do MS program,” said Alice. “Don’t wait until you can’t do something before you do something to change your life.”

    “The CAN DO Program is the best program in the world,” said Shelli. “I was comfortable talking with other support partners. I wasn’t being judged by anyone.”

    “Everyone has a different challenge, no one is the same,” said Alice. “You hear MS and people turn it into a negative thing. It doesn’t have to be negative though.”

    Alice’s legs feel terrible every day. She learned that her level of stress has a huge impact on her MS symptoms.

    Alice is a golf professional.  She said “it was a slap in the face” when she experienced trouble with her vision. “I needed to get it together and figure out how to manage myself,” said Alice.

    Before the CAN DO Program Alice dealt with her stress by exercising hard. She was a “work-out junky.” She learned how to deal with her stress a new way after the CAN DO Program.

    “I learned that it’s okay to only walk for 10 minutes and then rest,” said Alice. “Doing something is better than nothing.”

    She also learned that walking is therapeutic. She can calm herself by knowing her challenges and asking herself “what can I do today?”

    Shelli helps Alice control her stress and MS. “I tell her that it’s okay to go into work an hour late if it helps her manage her stress,” said Shelli.

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