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    We support Can Do MS because they help people every day. Research for a cure is great, but we also feel it is important to help people living with multiple sclerosis live a full life. We are big proponents and supporters of lifestyle programs and are pleased to help Can Do MS support scholarships for people to attend programs.

    Andrew K., The Laurence Polatsch Memorial Fund

    What is a Webinar?

    1) What is a webinar?
    The term “webinar” is short for web-based seminar. It is a seminar, lecture or workshop delivered over the Internet, allowing for interaction with the participants.

    Each month the webinar will relate to the MS educational article in Can Do MS’s monthly e-newsletter. Subscribe to Can Do MS’s email updates.

    2) What technology do I need to attend a live webinar?
    You will need a computer with an internet connection to view and hear the webinar. You can test your computer’s compatibility prior to the webinar by clicking here:

    You can listen to the live webinar through broadcast audio (through your computer speakers).

    3) What are the steps to register for a webinar?

    • Click on the name of the webinar you wish to attend.
    • You will then be connected to a registration page.
    • Fill out the required information and hit/click “Register Now.”
    • You will then be sent a confirmation email with the login information.

    4) What are the steps to attend a live webinar?

    •  The first step is to register – See Above.
    • Open the confirmation email that was sent to you when you registered. Click on the link where you see: “Click here to join the meeting.” This will open a window where you will view the presentation.
    • You will be connected to broadcast audio to hear the webinar after you join the meeting.

    5) What if I miss or can’t attend the live webinar?
    Each webinar will be archived and you can view them on your own time. Please click on the title of the archived webinar that you would like to view and complete the simple registration process. A window will open for you to view the webinar.

    6) What technology do I need to view the archived webinar?
    To view an archived version of the webinar, you only need a computer with Internet access.

    7) How much does it cost to register for a webinar?
    This webinar series is free of charge; you only need to register.

    8) Questions?
    Anne Lee Gilbert, Director of Programs
    800-367-3101 ext. 1281 / 970-926-1281 /


    PO Box 5860 Avon, CO 81620 Phone: 970-926-1290 or 800-367-3101 Fax: 970-926-1295 Email:
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    Can Do Multiple Sclerosis™ is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.
    Charitable Organization Number: 74-2337853

    Formerly The Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis | Founded by Jimmie Heuga

    A national nonprofit organization, Can Do MS is a leading provider of innovative lifestyle empowerment programs
    that empower people with MS and their support partners to transform and improve their quality of life.

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