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    I just wanted to thank you for letting me know about and getting me to the CAN DO program. My husband and I had a great time. We learned so many things and enjoyed the activities, meeting the people and chatting with experts. I will never forget it and hope to get to it again some day. I enjoyed a nice day recently with a bike ride (with training wheels).

    Kelly, CAN DO Program Participant

    Book Reviews

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    “This is a wonderful resource for persons living with MS, or for those who care
    for someone with MS. It provides practical and motivational tools for living
    successfully in the can do spirit.” — Gail Hartley, ARNP, MSCN
    Arcadia Neurology Center, Arcadia, CA and Casa Colina Center for Rehabilitation, Pomona, CA

    “Can Do MS touches lives, and not only those with MS. My core principles for
    working with the person with MS were shaped by Can Do MS and many of their
    staff. These concepts are a must for healthcare providers working with the MS
    community.” — Ben W. Thrower, MD
    Medical Director, Andrew C. Carlos MS Institute, Shepherd Center, Atlanta, GA

    “In the can do spirit of Jimmie Heuga, this book is an essential read for anyone
    living with or affected by MS. It provides comprehensive and complete
    information as well as applicable tools to empower patients to achieve health,
    wellness and what they can do despite their disease state to become more
    than their MS. It is an invaluable tool in my practice.” — Jennifer Smrtka, ARNP, MSCN
    Multiple Sclerosis Certified Nurse Practitioner, Fusion Health LLC

    “This book delivers the foundation for helping people with MS
    and to be in charge of their health care. Throughout the book highlighted questions
    will ask: “What Can I Do?”  This will help keep the focus off the negativity and encourage
    those with MS to take control of their lives. It will give you ways to overcome your MS
    land life’s challenges and create a personal lifetime health plan that works for you.”
    Jackie Paulson, Professional Book Reviewer

    “As a person with RSD/CRPS I found this book both informative and inspiring. I live with a debilitating neurological condition and know that half of the battle is a mental one. I live each day saying “RSD doesn’t define me, RSD doesn’t own me” Therefore, I could somewhat relate to many parts of this book and while I do not have MS I found several parts motivating and inspirational. I think this is a great resource and tool for anyone whose life is touched or affected by MS and can only wish there was something similiar for RSD….maybe one day! :)” – Staci (

    “This generally isn’t my type of book, but I just loved it. It was extremely easy to understand and follow. I think it would be beneficial for anyone with MS or anyone who knows or loves someone with MS. It’s a great guide on how to take back your life and live it to the fullest!” -Emily D (

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    Can Do Multiple Sclerosis™ is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.
    Charitable Organization Number: 74-2337853

    Formerly The Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis | Founded by Jimmie Heuga

    A national nonprofit organization, Can Do MS is a leading provider of innovative lifestyle empowerment programs
    that empower people with MS and their support partners to transform and improve their quality of life.

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