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    Outstanding webinar! Dr. Shapiro’s lecture was the most informative one hour in the subsequent 19 years. The stuff Can Do MS is putting up is cutting edge communication use of the Internet. I went to the CAN DO Program 19 years ago. It was the most rewarding 5 days of my 25 years with MS. There I learned to accept the disease I had. Thank you to all involved.

    Anonymous, Webinar & CAN DO Program Participant

    Can Do MS Free One-Day JUMPSTART Program in Coquitlam, BC Friday, May 6, 2011

    Posted Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    Edwards, Colo. • April 20, 2011 – Can Do Multiple Sclerosis’s free one-day JUMPSTART program, held Friday, May 6, 2011 in Coquitlam, BC Executive Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre  is  an educational and interactive program where people with MS and support partners learn the knowledge, skills and tools to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors and actively co-manage their MS.

    This JUMPSTART program, held in collaboration with the MS Society of Canada - Lower Mainland Chapter, provides presentations, workshops and interactive sessions so participants can see themselves beyond the challenges of their MS.

    “Traditional medical models for managing chronic disease tend to overlook many important aspects of living with MS, including the emotional, interpersonal, mental and social health of a patient,” said Anna Cotton, Director of Programs, Can Do MS. “We offer a comprehensive, personalized and interdisciplinary approach to enable people to become active co-managers of their health and well-being.”

    Can Do MS connects the expertise of industry professionals from across the field of MS care management, including neurologists, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, registered nurses, physicians and nutritionists. Each JUMPSTART program is customized and covers topics ranging from how to deal with cognitive and fatigue issues to goal-setting, nutrition, exercise and maintaining emotional well-being.

    Scheduled Workshops and Presentations: 
    *Getting Your Head Around the Cognitive Changes In MS – Roz Kalb, PhD
    *Evaluating Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Managing YOUR MS –Pat Kennedy, RN, CNP, MSCN
    *Support Partner Session – Roz Kalb, PhD
    *Pilates for People with MS – Anna Cotton, CPI

    The support partner session allows family members and/or friends, to be acknowledged, understood, accepted and respected by a community of peers and health professionals.

    This JUMPSTART program is limited to 100 participants and will fill quickly. Please register online at or call Ron Wheeler at 800-367-3101 ext. 1277.

    A national nonprofit organization based in Edwards, Colorado, Can Do Multiple Sclerosis is an innovative provider of lifestyle empowerment programs that empower people with MS and their support partners to transform and improve their quality of life. For more information, visit the organization’s website at or call 970-926-1290. 


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    Can Do Multiple Sclerosis™ is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.
    Charitable Organization Number: 74-2337853

    Formerly The Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis | Founded by Jimmie Heuga

    A national nonprofit organization, Can Do MS is a leading provider of innovative lifestyle empowerment programs
    that empower people with MS and their support partners to transform and improve their quality of life.

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