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    Can Do MS provides what I would call ‘ideal care in an ideal setting’ for both people living with MS and those dedicated to helping them. Nowhere else will you find interdisciplinary professionals working so collaboratively in such a supportive setting.

    Programs Consultant

    Event Directors & Key Volunteers

    As a nonprofit organization, Can Do MS relies heavily on the support and enthusiasm of committed volunteers to help us put on our diverse fundraising events. These individuals are essential to helping Can Do MS fulfill our mission of empowering people with the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to transform their lives with MS. Whether your interests are river kayaking, golf or ice skating there are many different ways to support Can Do MS.

    Are you interested in creating your event to raise money to transform lives?
    Get inspired by downloading the Create Your Event Brochure.3rd Party Event Brochure

    Contact: Cathy Ethington, Director of Development, 800-367-3101 ext. 1275 / 970-926-1275 /

    Event Directors & Key Volunteers

    Pam Burke & Billy-Bob Goyen
    Ski Crud Club Golf Invitational – Hayden Lake, ID
    Vertical Express for Can Do MS – Schweitzer Mountain, ID

    Country Club of the Rockies
    Vail International Pro Am – Edwards, CO

    Christine Cutler
    SKEA Sale – Edwards, CO

    Jed Elmaleh
    Kayak for the Kure for MS – Mt. Pleasant, SC

    John, Ray & Steve Francis   
    Francis Golf Outing – St. Clair Shores Golf Country Club, MI

    Gene Fulkerson & Catherine Ohl
    Pacific Rim Alliance Annual Wine Maker Dinner for MS – San Diego, CA

    Jonathan Hurt & Audrey Zmuda
    Winter Wine & Ski Expo – Reno, NV
    Terry Hurt & Caroline Ross 
    Alpen Wine Festival – Squaw Valley USA, CA
    Audrey & Scott Laffely
    Cross Country for MS

    Tara Lane       
    Skate-A-Thon – Vail, CO

    Shawn Moore
    MS 365 Project

    Laura Sprinkles & Stacey Wittek
    Vertical Express for Can Do MS – Squaw Valley USA, CA

    Kevin Sharkey
    Eagle Ice Bowl – Eagle, CO

    PJ Berg & John Shipp     
    Luigi’s Wine Pairing Dinner – Eagle, CO
    Eric & Artis Wiseman
    Vertical Express for Can Do MS – Crystal Mountain, WA

    Taddeo’s & Banfi Vintners
    Taddeo’s Wine Dinner – Breckenridge, CO

    PO Box 5860 Avon, CO 81620 Phone: 970-926-1290 or 800-367-3101 Fax: 970-926-1295 Email:
    MS Coalition Charity Navigator Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers Independent Charities of America Humane Charity

    Can Do Multiple Sclerosis™ is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.
    Charitable Organization Number: 74-2337853

    Formerly The Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis | Founded by Jimmie Heuga

    A national nonprofit organization, Can Do MS is a leading provider of innovative lifestyle empowerment programs
    that empower people with MS and their support partners to transform and improve their quality of life.