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Ironman World Championships

All Day - Saturday, October 13, 2012 through Saturday, October 13, 2012 (US/Pacific)
Category: Fundraising Event

Join Can Do Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser and professional triathlete, Kelly Williamson, and help support our lifestyle empowerment programs for people living with MS and their support partners.

Kelly races every month for about 10 months of the year. This year her season will culminate in and focus around the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii on October 13th, 2012.

In order to stay inspired throughout her training, Kelly will be featuring can do stories from individuals who are living with, and staying active despite of, multiple sclerosis.

Visit Kelly's Blog to see who she is highlighting this month!

Kelly's goal is to raise $10,000 for Can Do MS by the Ironman World Championships. Help Kelly reach her goal by donating to her Aim High! Fund. In doing so, you will help people with MS discover the power to be more than their MS!

Donate to Kelly's Aim High! Fund.

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 More on Kelly's story and motivation to fundraise for Can Do MS, told from her point of view:

I cannot recall a time in my life when the focus didn't fall around sport. I once thought that it would maybe last through college, but little did I know I would one day be 34 years old and still spending many hours of my days 'training'; and not only that but training with the goal of being one of the world’s best at something. I never quite achieved that level in my first true love, swimming, but in the sport of triathlon, 10 years of competing as a professional have finally started to reap results. I've been fortunate to see multiple podium finishes over the past 2-3 years and the feeling of achievement and validation of all the hard work is truly a huge reward on its own.

Yet I am always one to step back and see a bigger picture. I've never wanted my life to be too 'one-dimensional'. It may be unfair to myself and the many other professional athletes to say that what we do is entirely 'selfish'...we are simply pursuing a passion, challenging ourselves and in the process, trying to make an honest living, just like any other hard working career-driven person. In the process, we are likely inspiring others to get involved in sport or physical activity; a very positive thing. But if I have been so lucky to raise my game over the past years and have a little more visibility in the sport, I find it only appropriate to in turn give back to a bigger, much more important cause of some sort; winning races is great, making a living as an athlete and just doing what I love is incredible... but if I can stand for something much bigger than me, and I can have a lasting impact knowing that I helped raise awareness for something more important IN LIFE, then personally, these wins and personal records suddenly become that much more meaningful.

My 'platform' of choice is Multiple Sclerosis. My Aunt Sandy acquired MS when she was just 28 years old. I know that it has not been an easy road for her, but her attitude and love for laughter and life are things I have always respected. She doesn't make excuses and she lives her life to the best of her abilities; which are two things I strive to do as well. She may not realize it, but she is a constant source if inspiration to me. She and my Uncle Del have always be very supportive of my career in sport. It is a small measure for me to take to try to help raise awareness for this important cause, and also champion those living with MS and doing what they can to sustain the best possible quality of life.

Aunt Sandy with Kelly

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